How it all began...

I started Jiu-Jitsu in 2015. I was a senior in high school.

It was love at first sight. After just a few months of training, I dove head-first into the world of BJJ, and I haven’t looked back.

Since then, I’ve competed all over the world, placed in some of the biggest tournaments out there, and even won a no-gi world championship back at purple belt. In 2022, I was awarded my black belt.

I started writing online in 2020. Originally, it was just a side hustle that stumbled into because I knew how to write and I couldn’t get a “real job”. I also liked that writing allowed me to express my creative side. Eventually, my writing obsession became the fuel for my BJJ career.

The Grappler’s Diary is where my 2 passions intersect.

What started as (and still is) a free weekly newsletter in 2021 has become a paid newsletter, an Instagram page, and now, the website that you’re visiting right now.

What to expect.

This site will be updated regularly with merch info, blog forms of the Instagrams you see, and anything else that I try to cook up under The Grappler’s Diary hood.

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Thanks for reading, and glad to have you here 🙂